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Q. What time does my class start?
A. Unless otherwise stated on the Training Announcement, all classes begin at 9:00 a.m., but please be here by 8:30 to check in.
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Q. How do I go about reserving a classroom? What if I want catering/food?
A. The classrooms at the Fire School are available for use by other State of Delaware Agencies only. Outside organizations, groups, or businesses are not permitted to use the building. A reservation must be made by the Agency by filling out a form. Please call our receptionist at (302) 739-4773 and she will handle getting the form sent to you and reserving the classroom if it is available. If your training session would like food, such as a continental breakfast or a lunch, the Fire School has a caterer under contract. We do require you use our caterer as under the Bid Laws of Delaware; they have been awarded the food-catering contract for the Fire School facility. We can put you in touch with our caterer once your reservation has been confirmed.
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Q. If the weather is bad, how will I know if my class is running or has been canceled?
A. If classes are canceled at the Fire School, we will have a recording on the main telephone number when you call in. That number is (302) 739-4773. This information may also be announced on the Fire Call Radio, and posted on Facebook and Twitter.
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Q. How can I get a copy of my training records?
A. All Student Transcripts, as they are now referred to, must be requested by submitting a transcript request form. We consider this information “Confidential” and will not release the records without proper authorization. This form can be found on our website under Services. There is one form for transcripts being requested by the student, and one form for transcripts being requested by the Fire Chief. We also need instructions on what to do with the transcript in order to get them to the requestor (mail, Email or pick up). You may also stop by our Dover office at 1461 Chestnut Grove Road, Dover, DE 19904. Normal turnaround time is 2-3 days.
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Q. Am I allowed to burn outdoors?
A. Please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 739-4394 in Kent Co.; 323-5375 in NC Co.; or 856-5600 in Sussex Co.
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Q. What out of state fire training does the Delaware State Fire School give reciprocity for?
A. The Delaware State Fire School reciprocity is as follows: Any STATE basic program that exceeds 75 hours of training and meets the objectives of NFPA 1001 Firefighter I is given reciprocity for the BASIC and STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING SKILLS classes. Any person who has NATIONAL CERTIFICATION (as in Pro-Board) as a Firefighter I will be given credit for BASIC FIREFIGHTING SKILLS. Any person who has NATIONAL CERTIFICATION (as in Pro-Board) as a Firefighter II will be given credit for BASIC FIREFIGHTING SKILLS, STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING SKILLS, HAZMAT RESPONSE SKILLS and VEHICLE RESCUE. Any person that has obtained Armed Forces Training Firefighting training and has certification as a FIREFIGHTER I or II shall be considered as having the equivalent of BASIC FIREFIGHTING SKILLS, STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING SKILLS and HAZMAT RESPONSE SKILLS.
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Q. To take the Fire Fighter I Certification Exam do I have to take classes first?
A. Yes, Basic Firefighting Skills, Structural Firefighting Skills, HazMat Response Skills, and Vehicle Rescue. You must also have completed Emergency Medical Responder or EMT.
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Q. How often does the Delaware State Fire School conduct Firefighter/Fire Officer Certification Exams?
A. Twice a year, in June and December. Check the Fire-Rescue Schedule for the dates.
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Q. Why do I have so much trouble getting students into basic vehicle rescue classes?
A. It is simple mathematics; our basic vehicle rescue program has a class limit of 40 students. Every season our basic firefighting classes have approximately 120 to 150 new students coming through our school system that should or are required by their departments to take vehicle rescue as some point in their career. Therefore it takes 3 vehicle rescue classes per season to meet the demand. Reminder; students MUST have completed Basic Firefighting Skills prior to submitting their registration form.
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Q. How many CEU hours do I get for DSFS Rescue classes?
A. CEU’s for all classes should be found in our Course Catalog.
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Q. Why can’t I take the DSFS’s Advanced Vehicle Rescue In-service?
A. Our Advanced Vehicle Rescue program is specific to several props we have built on our training center drillground to replicate specific incidents that cannot be duplicated for In-service training. We offer anyone to come here to our training center and use our props to practice specific evolutions. We also offer advanced In-service evolutions as long as it is done safely. The In-service vehicle rescue evolutions do NOT meet the criteria to substitute for our sequential vehicle rescue training program blocks held at our center.
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Q. How do I apply for reciprocity for a Delaware State EMT-Basic?
A. See our Reciprocity Link under the Delaware EMT Information section of this website.
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Q. How do I re-certify my DE state EMT certification?
A. All EMT certifications expire March 31st
1 – submit re-certification form filled out to the DSFS with a copy of your 24hr. Refresher and HCP CPR card.
2 – You MUST be affiliated with an Ambulance or Fire Company in the state of DE
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Q. How can I arrange a speaker from DSFS?
A. Contact the Fire School and speak to our Fire Safety Division. We recommend an audience of at least 10 people and two weeks notice.
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Q. How can I arrange to have my child’s school come to the Fire School?
A. School Tours run in the Spring and Fall. Contact The Fire Life Safety Division and proper mailings can be sent to the school outlining the program.
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Q. How can I get materials pertaining to Fire and Life Safety?
A. You may want to look on websites, such as FEMA or the NFPA. If you require further assistance please contact the Fire Life Safety Division.
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Q. How can I register for a Fire Safety Workshop?
A. You may contact the Fire School. Registration is the same as any other class.
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Q. How can I get Incipient Brigade training since it is not on the schedule?
A. We do not get enough demand to schedule this program each year. You may get a special class run to fit your needs if you have 10 people. Call DSFS to schedule a class.
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Q. What kind of Fire Safety Training is provided for those who work in Institutions such as Long Term Health Facilities or hospitals?
A. Each year, usually in the early spring, the Fire School conducts an Institutional Fire Safety Workshop. This is a one-day, but very intense course on the dangers of Fire in such facilities. We recommend that you wear comfortable, older clothes. After a classroom session, students work on our grounds on interactive activities such as Fire Extinguisher Training, moving patients, basic fire skills and fire behavior.
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Q. How many Hours is NIMS approved for in CEU’s?
A. NIMS training is approved for National CEU credit – Hour for Hour.
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