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January 2019
Fire Academy Classes at the Division, EMS Training Update, New Ambulance Simulator Trailer, Officer Seminar

April 2019
Camp Fury Empowerment Day: A HUGE SUCCESS, NFA Weekend Info, Spring Training Classes, National EMS Week

July 2019 & October 2019
No newsletter for these months


January 2018
Fire Academy Classes at the Division, FirstNet Training, new HazMat Props, New Forcible Entry Trailer, Officer Seminar

April 2018
Wilmington Fire Department Recruits, Annual HazMat Workshop, EMS Week, Large Animal Rescue, EMS Instructor training

July 2018
New AFG funded training props, Nozzle Forward Class, Summer Program review

October 2018
Basic Firefighter Survival Added To BFFS, WFD Rope Rescue Challenge, New Forcible Entry Trailer details, Fire Safety Events


January 2017
New Programs, National Fire Academy, New Castle Division Upgrade, AFG Grant Procurement, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Annual Fire Officers Seminar, EMT Course Update, EMT Requirements and Updates

April 2017
New Castle Division, Phase V Burn Prop, Self-Survival and MayDay Training, EMT FTO Program, Accelerated EMT Class

July 2017
Phase V Burn Prop Completes First Class, EMT Accelerated Class, MayDay Training, Junior Fire Camp

October 2017
In Memory of Lou Amabili, HOT Training & DVFA Conference, NFA Weekend Cancelled, DE FTO Recert


January 2016
Delaware EMT Reminder, Fire Behavior House, 800mhz Communications 101, Update Officer List Reminder, New Engine to arrive in April, Fire Officers

April 2016
New member Chad Ingram, Fire Attack Seminar

July 2016
Staff, EMS Updates, New Programs, Public Education, Resources

October 2016
DSFS Newsletters – State Fire School – State of Delaware New Castle Division Upgrade, Phase V Burn Prop, New Driver/Operator, New BLS Protocols


May 2015
Partnership with Del Tech, AFG2013, Techology Upgrade, Radios, Instructor Gear, Training Software, Public Fire Safety Education, Grants for Purchase of Apparatus, E.M.S. Issues, Grounds and Support Improvements, Gator, Flammable Liquids Prop

July 2015
AFG2014, Technology Upgrade, Instructor Gear, Confined Space Equipment, Grounds and Support Improvements, Flammable Liquids Prop

October 2015
AFG2014, Technology Upgrade, Instructor Gear, Grounds and Support Improvements, Confined Space Equipment

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