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Company Training Ideas

Topics and Ideas For Your Company Training
The following proposed topics provided by the Delaware State Fire School, to assist Training Officers with weekly training. The training guidelines that are available may be printed and used by Training Officers for In-Service training, using an in-service attendance sheet. All of these topics marked as such, can also be delivered as an In-Service by the Delaware State Fire School by submitting the request by the ‘In Service Training Form’ by clicking the “Fire School” link. Most Company Drills are designed to be 2 to 3 hours, using both classroom lecture and practical skills. Additional Company Drills are being developed and will be posted when available.
Individual training may be done by those looking to advance basic knowledge in a particular topic by;
Company Drills can be done utilizing an in-service form for credit. Fire School In-Service requests for on station training can be sent to the Division Managers to arrange.
We have available a generic outline for training schedule for almost year. Click here to view for ideas.
In Service Attendance Sheet (for submission to fire school by training officer)
Fire Topics In-Service For Fire School Credit
Aerial Company Operations
Automatic Fire Alarm Response Fire School 
Basement Fires Fire School 
First Net for Fire and EMS Fire School 
Foam and Foam Application Fire School 
Forcible Entry Theory and Evolutions Fire School 
High Rise/Commerical Tactics
Hose Carries/Rolls Company Drill Fire School 
Hose Handling Company Drill Fire School 
Ladders Theory and Evolutions Company Drill Fire School 
Miniture House Fire Behavior Fire School 
Modern Fire Behavior Fire School 
On Scene Traffic Management Fire School 
Positive PressureVentilation Company Drill Fire School 
Radio 101 Fire School 
Salvage-Overhaul Evolutions Fire School 
Salvage-Overhaul Theory Fire School 
SCBA Evolutions & Theory Company Drill Fire School 
Small and Large Vehicle Fires
Smoke Signals Fire School 
Sprinkler Alarm Systems Theory Fire School 
Thermal Imaging Cameras Fire School 
Through the Lock Evolutions Fire School 
Truck Company Evolutions Fire School 
Ventilation Theory Fire School 
Water Supply
Water Tender Operations
Rescue Topics
Air Bag Evolutions Company Drill Fire School 
Confinde Space Awareness Fire School 
Elevator Rescue Evolutions Fire School 
Power tools/Intro to Power Tools Company Drill Fire School 
Rapid Intervention Teams Theory Fire School 
Rapid Intervention Teams Evolutions Fire School 
Responding to the Mayday Fire School 
Ropes and Knots Fire School 
Rope Rescue Evolutions Fire School 
Search and Rescue Theory Company Drill Fire School 
Self Survival Evolutions Fire School 
Structural Collapse Evolutions Fire School 
Technical Rescue Awareness Fire School 
Vehicle Anatomy Theory Fire School 
Vehicle Rescue Evolutions Company Drill Fire School 
Water Rescue Theory Fire School 
Water Rescue Evolutions Fire School 
Officer/Leadership Topics
Alarm and Sprinkler Systems Fire School 
Incident Command Basics Fire School 
Initial Scene Size Up Fire School 
Fire Company Management Fire School 
Recognizing Available Resources Fire School 
Scene Communications Fire School 
Sexual Harassment Awareness Fire School 
Written Communications Fire School 
Tactical Fire Simulations Fire School 
HazMat Topics
Air Monitoring – Introduction Fire School 
Decontamination Company Drill Fire School 
HazMat Awareness Fire School 
HazMat Operations Review Fire School 
Meth Lab Operations Fire School 
Training Session Alternatives
Firefighter Competition
Sport activity
Group exercise/conditioning
Firehouse “Jeopardy!”
Tour your Dispatch Center
EMS for Fire Topics
Triage Fire School 
Communicable Disease Company Drill Fire School 
Use of Air Splints Company Drill Fire School 
New Member Training Program Template
The following is a cirriculum provided by the Delaware State Fire School, to assist Training Officers with training of new members until they can attend Core Courses at the Fire School. The program include editable presentations, with a guideline for review of materials and practical skills, and a final evaluation if desired.
Training Officers can modify the materials as suited for their Fire Company. The program can be modifed to shorten or add to. The mateirals are nased on IFSTA training materials and Jones & Bartlett EMS cirriculum.
DSFS New Member Training Materials
 Outside Sources of Online Training
These sites have additional training ideas and drills that may be useful to those in the Delaware Fire Service. The Delaware State Fire School does not have any affiliation with these organizations or persons and are only presenting these links as reference materials.
NFA Coffee Break training Short topics from Fire Protections, Leadership, EMS, and more.
Firefighter Close Calls Various hands on or table top drills for real world operations.
Dale Pekel – You Tube Channel Training from Capt. Pekel in WI. In-station trainings and props.
If you feel that there are other beneficial links available, please forward them to us. Thank you.