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National Fire Academy Programs

2024-25 In-State classes through the National Fire Academy

All classes are scheduled from 8a-5p each day.

Class NameClass LocationClass DatesRegistration Deadline
F0520 – Executive Skills Series: Exercising Leadership Within CommunitiesKCDSept. 27-28, 2024 August 16, 2024
N0763 – New Executive Chief Officer (6-day course)KCDJan. 6-11, 2025November 22, 2024
F0760 – New Fire Chief – Challenging IssuesKCDFeb. 22-23, 2025 January 10, 2025
F0762 – New Fire Chief – Contemporary IssuesKCDMar. 22-23, 2025February 7, 2025
F0761 – New Fire Chief – Administrative IssuesKCDApr. 26-27, 2025March 14, 2025
F0646 – Leadership in Supervision: Creating Environments for Professional GrowthKCDMay 17-18, 2025April 4, 2025
F0647 – Leadership in Supervision: Perspectives in ThinkingKCDJune 7-8, 2025June 27, 2025
F0521 – Executive Skills Series: Exercising Leadership to Facilitate ChangeKCDAug. 23-24, 2025 July 7, 2025
F0146 – Supervising Emergency Medical Services (SEMS)KCDSept. 20-21, 2025 August 8, 2025
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2025 State Weekend at the National Fire Academy

Class NameClass LocationClass DatesRegistration Deadline
Connecticut, Delaware, and Virginia Weekend at the National Fire AcademyNational Fire Academy – Emmitsburg, MDMarch 29 – 30, 2025 To be announced

Courses Being Offered for the 2025 Connecticut/Delaware/Virginia Training Weekend:
W0256 – Safety for Hazardous Materials Incidents
W0296 – Command and Control for Company-Level Operations
W0455 – Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations
W0521 – Executive Skills Series: Exercising Leadership to Facilitate Adaptive Change
W0549 – Emergency Response to Terrorism: Strategic Considerations
W0602 – Shaping the Future
W0609 – Intro to Unified Command for All-Hazard Incidents
W0729 – Incident Safety Officer
W0756 – Fire Investigation: Fire as a Weapon
W0761 – New Fire Chief – Administrative Issues

NOTE: When signing up the the NETC General Admissions Application online for ONLY the Delaware Weekend, use Vincent Miller as your Head of Organization Name, their Title will be Weekend Coordinator, and use the email vincent.miller@delaware.gov.

The weekend is FREE to all Delaware-sponsored responders. A meal ticket purchase is required by ONLY out-of-state/unaffiliated attendees (see link below).

NETC Meal Ticket page for those out-of-state and unaffiliated cand

Welcome to the National Emergency Training Center and the National Fire Academy Information

The National Emergency Training Center Welcome Package for students and visitors to the NETC and NFA

Other states also hold weekends that may offer classes we have not. You can see all the weekends scheduled and you can reach out to those coordinators to see if you can attend, possibly at a cost. https://www.usfa.fema.gov/nfa/programs/state-weekend.html

Information About National Fire Academy Courses (NFA) and Student Identification (SID) Numbers Required for Registration.
View information about your NFA SID.

Forgot Your SID Number? Click Here (You will need the email you used to register with FEMA)

How can your training help you advance?

Many of the programs can be prerequisites or help prepare you for programs building on your training and education. Some courses offered by the NFA may also be eligible for college credits. Additional programs available through the NFA are the Managing Officer Program and the Executive Fire Officer Program. These courses help develop leadership skills for company level and senior officers.

Check out the National Fire Academy’s site for more opportunities on weekends and during the week with 6 and 10-day programs!

Need to see what training you have done through FEMA online?

FEMA now has a self-service student portal that allows students to view IS course completions through the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and print certificates, as well as providing functionality to request official transcripts from the Independent Study Program office. This is new, in lieu of sending in a form for the request. This will show all the online FEMA courses you have done, including some of those that may be required for our classes.

Need to see what training you have done through the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg or in person?

The National Fire Academy (NFA) will provide your transcript or course certificate to you, or to a college/university you request, at no cost via email.

Include the following information in your request:

  • Your full name.
  • Your email address.
  • Home mailing address.
  • Telephone number where you can be reached during the day.
  • Your FEMA Student Identification Number (SID).
  • Name and email address of the college/university to which you want the transcript sent (if applicable).
  • Your signature.

If you attended NFA classes before Oct. 1, 2012, please provide your day and month of birth (dd/mm) in addition to your SID.

Mail, fax or email your request to:

National Emergency Training Center
Admissions Office
16825 South Seton Ave.
Emmitsburg, MD 21727-8998
Fax: 301-447-1441
Email: netcadmissions@fema.dhs.gov

Additional FEMA/National Fire Academy Training

You can take other self-study or Hybrid courses online through NFA and FEMA through their National Fire Academy Online page. This training is more Fire, Rescue, and EMS specific, with many leadership and wildland firefighter courses also available.

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