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Online Learning

Delaware State Fire School Students will be able to access online content and obtain training remotely with some of our programs.

There are a variety of courses already available that are listed below.

ONLINE TRAINING ATTENDANCE POLICY – (Effective 2-1-21) – The Fire School has implemented an attendance policy for the completion of online learning. For stand-alone Online Courses, the course material must be completed by the end of the month you registered. New registration forms will be posted the last week of the month for the following month’s program.

Online material associated with Hybrid Courses must be completed before the due date set with that program. Failure to complete the course material by the due date will result in being unable to finish the program, marked as incomplete and considered under the No Call, No Show policy and Chief and Training Officers will be notified.

You WILL need a login (account) before being assigned to any training. If you have not registered for an account, use the link below to our page using that button on the page and follow the prompts. While creating your account, be sure to use care in spelling. This has been the most reoccurring problem with accounts and difficulty accessing training or receiving notifications. Also be sure that you do not use ANY spaces in the password, including before and after. Contact us to be sure you can access our training. Instructions to create an account can be found here and the video below walks you through the steps.

DSFS Delaware Learning Center Instructional Videos

How To Create You Delaware Learning Center Account (YouTube)

Disabling Pop-up Blockers for Training (YouTube)

Navigating Courses on the Delaware Learning Center (YouTube )

  • Remember, you need only to make ONE account if you do not already have one. Use the link below to create your account and also to log in once your account has been created.

Hybrid or Online courses available or coming soon to the Delaware Learning Center through the Delaware State Fire School

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* H – Hybrid Course O – Online Course

FAQ’s About the Delaware Learning Center

Do I need to register for an account with each course?

No, you only need to have one account. Eventually, all of our online learning will take place on the Delaware Learning Center, making it more convenient having only one account to login with. If you haven’t already done so, use the instructions in the file or the video above to make your account.

Is the account I setup for Course sites on the Delaware Learning Center?
No, this is a totally new and separate system from Coursesites. Any course that was previously on that system is now separately on the Delaware Learning System. We have moved away from the Coursesites and Blackboard websites entirely.

I am going to take a Fire Officer or Fire Instructor Course, do I need to use the Delaware Learning Center?
Not yet. But we hope to move all of the course content for our Fire Officer and Instructor programs over to the Delaware Learning Center.

Is there a specific internet browser I need?
At this time, it appears most browsers on computers support the Delaware Learning Center. You may encounter problems with certain files, like Flash Player files that may not work on certain browser platforms. You may be able to do some or all of our course using a mobile device, but we want to warn you that it may not always work. We recommend that you try to use a personal computer if having difficulties on a mobile device, and try to use another browser if having trouble using a certain computer, before contacting us with problems. We have been advised that is normally recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.

Will I automatically be signed up for my course once I sign up for an account?

No. It can normally take 1 to 2 business days to get your account approved. Once it is approved, it may take another 1 to 2 days depending on when registrations are processed. Once you have created an account, along with more users doing the same, it will be much easier to be assigned and begin online training with the State Fire School.

Will I need to activate and mark each section complete?

Yes. As we have moved forward, this has become less of a problem as we combined our training sections online. You will continue to need to activate and launch your training, it will be less steps in the process making your training experience easier.

Please reach out to us at the Fire School if you continue to have problems or have questions about the Delaware Learning System.

Other Online Learning from Our Partners

U.S. Department of Homeland Security FEMA Logo

FEMA Incident Command Independent Studies Notice: 

All courses through FEMA, both in the classroom or online, require a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. If you do not yet have a SID, or need to request yours, please go to the FEMA SID web page.

Incident Command and Fire Service Related

For more FEMA Independent Studies programs, visit the FEMA Website Independent Course Catalog.

For the FEMA Independent Studies, you will need your NFA/FEMA SID.

For More NFA Online Training and Simulations, visit the NFA Online Course Catalog. You will need to create an NFA Online Training ID at the bottom of their training login page.

Responder Safety Learning Network Logo

ResponderSafety.com courtesy of our partners at the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Fireman’s Association (CVVFA)

You will need to create FREE a user ID by Email for this site. We are working on becoming a Secondary Reporting program so we can access your Responder Safety Training Network transcripts. We will share when this is available and how you can help share it with us!

Fasny Firemen's Association of the State of New York Logo

Fireman’s Association of New York and VFIS are offering online safety training.

Picture of the National Volunteer Fire Council's 45th anniversary logo with the text 1976 - 2021

The National Volunteer Fire Council offers online training in Health and Wellness, Recruitment, and other current topics to help leaders in the fire service.

Picture of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) Logo

Delaware Emergency Management Agency
DEMA training has become more versatile affording responders virtual training in several FEMA local-level programs. You can visit their training calendar and access courses by using your Delaware Learning Center account log in.

Picture of the NFA / NWCG in partnership logo

National Fire Academy and National Wildfire Coordination Group Online Training

The NFA in Partnership with the NWCG, is providing a vast number of classroom programs online for the Fire and Emergency Services. Multiple classes are available, including Incident Command and Wildland Firefighting courses. Simply create an account and begin free training.
Sign up or Log In Here

Rail Safety Online Courses. Now available on the TRANSCAER Learning Management System Image

TransCAER Online Rail Safety

This course is an online version of their Rail Safety Train Course that tours North America. Click this link to sign up for an account online to begin training.

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