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A letter from the Director to the newly appointed Delaware State Fire Police Officer. Click this link.


The training provided by the State Fire School for the State Fire Police of Delaware is required by the three counties Fire police Associations to be sworn in by the County Sheriff to operate as a Fire Police Officer. This process often begins with the Delaware Basic Fire Police Certificate. To add convenience, this level of Fire Police training is entirely online. There may be other requirements by each county in addition to this training. Please contact your local County training officer for that information.


To obtain your certificate you must complete the following training:

Total Credit Hours: 6.5 Hours

** TIMS Course may also be taken online through the National Highway Institute, or in a classroom setting at the Delaware State Fire School or another approved TIMS Program provider.

Note: “Credit Hours”, does not necessarily equal “Training Hours” for the TIMS course on the Responder Safety Network website.

Upon completion of ALL FOUR (4) ONLINE COURSES, you must then complete and submit the Application for Fire Police Basic Credit and Certificate with the following guidelines;

Your application must be accompanied by copies of ALL certificates of the above-listed online training.

Your application must be complete and with the authorization signatures of the Fire Chief and Lead Fire Police Officer.

More Fire Police specific training is currently only in the long range planning for future development.



For those Fire Police who have already completed the Basic Fire Police Course and need their State Fire Police Identification.

The applicant may submit the completed Application for Delaware State Fire Police Identification to the Fire School with the required signatures.

You MUST complete ALL FOUR of the courses and have submitted a Basic Fire Police Credit application in order to qualify to receive a Fire Police ID Card through the State Fire School

You will also now need to submit an electronic version of a portrait with your application. Instructions are attached to the application. Please note, there is no charge for the initial Fire Police ID Card, but there is a $10 fee for replacement ID cards, and request for new cards due to a change in primary affiliation.

PEASE NOTE: Any Fire Police Officer who transfers to a new Fire Company affiliation, or becomes in-active and is reappointed, MUST be sworn in again by their County Sheriff. It is a new term for that appointment, requiring the process be completed again.

A new ID from the Fire School after reappointment is not necessary unless it was turned in. Issuance of a new ID under a different affiliation will be left to the discretion of that Fire Company or County Association to require the change to be made or not.



Update on Submission of Certificates for Your State Fire School Training Record

Due to an error with our system, the certificates from Learning Network that were submitted to appear on your Delaware State Fire School transcript did not happen. We have corrected the error, although we have limited the number of classes for display on your transcript. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The classes that may be added to your transcript upon the receipt of a certificate are as follows;

  • Responder Safety – Advanced Warning
  • Responder Safety – Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents
  • Responder Safety – Incident Command and Management
  • Responder Safety – Intro to Fire Service Traffic Incident Management Professional (formerly Intro to Fire Service Traffic Control)
  • Responder Safety – Model Practices & Procedures
  • Responder Safety – National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management
  • Responder Safety – Safe Fire Service Traffic Control Practices
  • Responder Safety – See-Be Seen; Emergency Lighting Awareness
  • Responder Safety – Special Hazards
  • Responder Safety – Strategies for Public Outreach
  • Responder Safety – Traffic Incident Management – On Rural Roads
  • Responder Safety – Understanding the New NFPA 1091

Please submit the certificates and they will be displayed as a waiver at the bottom of your transcript. Since they are not Fire School classes, they will not count towards your cumulative Delaware State Fire School Training hours. ONLY those course listed above will be added to your Delaware State Fire School transcript.

You can now allow us access to your Responded Safety Training Transcript. Here are six simple steps to allow us to see your transcript: Secondary Reporting on More details on how this system will be used by us with you to monitor your Responder Safety training in the near future.

Other certificates may be added to your record so long as they are in our system. While being displayed on your transcript, these external courses will not appear in your total training hours.

Please contact Senior Instructor Vinnie Miller with any questions.



The State Fire School and the State Fire Prevention Commission have no direct oversight of the qualifications of operations of the State Fire Police. Any requests for information in these areas should be directed to your County or State Fire Police Association.

The County Sheriff Offices has been designated by the State to swear in duly appointed Fire Police Officers. you must contact their office in your respective County.

New Castle County – Contact your Association President to be sworn in at an association meeting
Kent County – 302-736-2161
Sussex County – 302-855-7830

At your swearing in, you will need to have these completed forms and documents:
Fire Police Duties Form (signed by Applicant, Chief, and Secretary Signatures)
Fire Police Appointment Form (signed by Applicant, Chief, and Secretary Signatures)
Oath of the Fire Police Form (signed by Applicant, signed by Sheriff at time of swearing in)

You should also bring to your swearing in any training records specific to Fire Police activities and traffic control, and documentation or a letter of completion of training from the County Fire Police Association Training Officer or their designee.

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