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How are YOU going to celebrate the holidays?



If you are like many, you enjoy a meal with family  around the holidays. Depending on your culture or religion, the main course could vary.
Over recent years, frying of turkeys has become a desired delicacy for many in the  United States. So, many people go out and spend the money on the fryer and a turkey for their holiday celebration. But with that comes the lack of experience and knowledge in the use of a fryer. It uses oil, which is flammable, and an open flame to heat it, which puts two very dangerous things close together.


Here are 15 Turkey Fryer Safety Tips Courtesy our friends at State Farm Insurance.

Go to the NFPA – Thanksgiving Safety Website for more information!

The Delaware State Fire School is also available to assist you with your fire prevention activities this time of year and also year round! We offer children’s fire safety presentations, displays for your fire company open houses, and a variety of programs in schools and child care facilities.

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